Thelma Box Obituary, Thelma Box Has Died

Thelma Box Obituary, Death Cause – The sudden passing of one of our most beloved employees is the subject of some news that we are going to have to share with you with a great deal of regret, and we are sorry that we are going to have to share it with you. We are sorry that we have to share this news with you. On April 30, everyone was taken completely by surprise when they learned of Thelma F. Box’s passing. The news came out of the blue.

During this challenging time, we are keeping her children and everyone of their family in our thoughts and prayers. Always keep them in your thoughts, and don’t forget to keep them in your mind at all times. Because of the numerous accomplishments she had accomplished, the vast amount of knowledge she possessed, and the professional manner she kept within our business, Thelma was able to exert a substantial amount of influence in the field of engineering.

This was made possible by the fact that she maintained a professional demeanor at all times. We are going to remember her, above all else, for the honesty, transparency, and dedication she had towards the work that she accomplished. She was an exceptional human being. Following the news of Thelma’s passing, each and every member of the Pacheco Koch/Westwood team is struck with grief. This is due to the fact that Thelma was a respected and revered employee in the company.

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