Shirley Lundstrom Obituary, Shirley Lundstrom Has Died

Shirley Lundstrom Obituary, Death Cause – We regret to inform you that Shirley Lundstrom, a former member of the Symphony League of Canton Symphony Orchestra, passed away recently. We are writing to inform you of her passing. We do it despite our profound sadness about the matter. Shirley possessed an unrivaled reverence for both her family and the art form of music, as well as for the city of Canton.

She was known for her reserved manner and her generous disposition, both of which contributed to the world around her becoming something better than it had been before she came into it. Those who had the good fortune to be in her company were able to draw strength and consolation from her ability to recognize virtue even in the most challenging of circumstances.

She was able to make a big contribution to the raising of hundreds of thousands of dollars that were used to pay for the programming that was offered by the CSO as a consequence of her work within the Symphony League. This was possible as a result of the fact that she was able to participate in the Symphony League. We would want to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to Shirley for the many years that she has devoted to serving the CSO in a variety of ways.

Everyone who has ever been a part of the Symphony League, including ourselves, will mourn her passing in a profound way. Follow the link provided below to view the full obituary for Shirley Lundstrom:…/shirley-lundstrom-d…

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