Kim Lash Obituary, Mega Mall Manager Has Passed Away

Kim Lash Obituary, Death Cause – I want you to know that I am passing on to you the news that The Mega Mall manager Kim Lash has passed away. It is with a heavy heart that I do so. Kim cared not only about The Mega Mall and each and every one of its sellers, but she also cared about each and every one of you, the customers. She was really concerned about all of you.

She shared a connection with many of you that was one of a kind and very special. It never failed to bring a smile to my face to watch you take her out of her role as an extremely focused and devoted manager and make her giggle. As I write this, I can picture some of those situations clearly in my mind. Kim was involved in a lot more than just management.

She worked as an MM dealer for eight years, during which time she exhibited an incredible amount of enthusiasm and love for the industry. She was the Mega Mall mother of our family; she was also my personal motivator, and she served as a mentor to my Assistant Manager Gavin, who is also my son. Kim acted as if the shopping center was her very own property and assumed full responsibility for it.

She was always able to rise to the challenge and never failed to come through for anyone. Even after she had retired the previous year, she remained accessible by either in-person visits or phone calls. This retirement was cut short after around five months. Her affection for the shopping center, its merchants, and for you, the patrons, is what brought her back to The Mega Mall to resume her position as manager.
Even though Kim has left us physically, she has continued to exist within us these past few days through our memories, our experiences, and the stories we’ve told about her. If you have any of these, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below or in person when you visit the mall. You are welcome to join the visitation that will take place at the funeral home of Dewitt Gorsline Runciman on Saturday, May 13, from noon to four in the afternoon.
Kim was a pillar of support for both the shopping center and myself, the proprietor. What are the next steps for both me and the mall? We will honor her memory and celebrate her life by carrying on her vision for The Mega Mall to become even more successful than it has ever been, and to become not only one of the greatest multi vendor malls in Michigan, but the best multi vendor mall in the whole state. join us in that mission.
These previous three days in the Mega Mall have been marked by an overwhelming sense of melancholy and suffering. Why am I laughing today? Because just last night at The Mega Mall I had the distinct impression that she was directing my path. I came to the conclusion that she is still with me and at The Mega Mall. She is carrying on with her duties as she moves forward. She is with both you and me, as well as with The Mega Mall, and we all have her. Dear friend, may you finally find rest.

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