Tim Whiteside Obituary, Tim Whiteside Has Passed Away

Tim Whiteside Obituary, Death Cause –¬†Although we are grateful for the wonderful thoughts and prayers that were brought up for Tim Whiteside, we hate to inform you that our dear friend Tim passed away peacefully last night. Although we are grateful for the kind thoughts and prayers that were offered up for Tim, we regret to notify you that he passed away. Tim will be missed very, very much.
If you were familiar with Tim or had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with him at one of our events, you would have a better appreciation of the magnitude of this surprise. In addition to being charming and witty, he was a gentleman who upheld the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Tim’s agenda was completely full because he was working on a number of intriguing new projects while also going on tour with guitarist Jeremy Edwards.

Along with his profound passion for music, he also had a deep love for God, and his ambitions were just getting off the ground. In addition to that, Tim was in a constant state of motion, driving around from place to place. I would appreciate it if you could keep Jeremy in your thoughts and prayers for as long as you can. He has suffered the loss of a beloved friend, and the grief that he feels is one that is shared by all of his musical relatives and family members.

Tim was held in extremely high esteem and regard by everyone in this room. There is no question that we are going to miss having you here with us, despite the fact that we are going to keep the celebration going strong in your honour. Terry Lee, Tammy Hercamp, Nick Blasky, and Dayle Eskridge are some of the names of the persons who contributed to this article.

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