Don Clarke Obituary, Ex-Chief Don Clarke Has Passed Away

Don Clarke Obituary, Death cause – We must share the sad news with you that Don Clarke, who had previously served as the head of the Summit Fire Department, has passed away. Our hearts go out to you at this time. Chief Clarke began his career in the fire service in Long Island, New York, with the Seaford Fire Department. In 1991, he became a member of the Summit Fire Department.
Chief Clarke was the kind of person who took delight in offering a helping hand to people who were in need, and he was always prepared to go the extra mile for his department and the community he served. His approach was PROACTIVE, which resulted in some of the people he interacted with being frustrated. On the other hand, Chief Clarke made the well-being of his people and the community in which they lived a very high priority.
At this time, the Santa Clara County Fire Authority would like to extend its appreciation to you, Chief, for everything that you have done, sir. Although you are no longer with us, you had a significant influence on the lives of many people and will be terribly missed both here and on Long Island. Although you are no longer with us, you had a profound impact on the lives of many individuals. Chief, you may put your worries behind you now since we will handle everything going forward.

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