Michael Lehman Obituary, Michael Lehman M.D passed away

Michael Lehman Obituary, Death Cause – Man I’m at a loss for words because of how disappointed I am! Even though I work in the field of journalism, it would appear that I am not up to date on all of the most recent news. I had just collected my mail when I got the shocking news that Michael Lehman, M.D. had passed away, and that his Lehman Dermatology Clinic had ceased operations and would be closing permanently.

It was a shock to me because I had just found out about his passing. After doing some research on it online, I found out that Dr. Lehman had been gone since the beginning of the year!!! How was it possible for me to be so oblivious!
Dr. Mike has been a source of blessing for me on a number of different occasions.

Eleven years ago, while I was going through a difficult time, he was there to provide a helping hand and support me. My entire being is in shambles, guy. How come I was completely oblivious that this was taking place? I am praying for him, his family, and all of the great women that shared his office with him. I am also praying for the wonderful women who worked with him. I genuinely do sorry! Love you Dr. Mike Because of him, the lives of a great number of individuals were significantly enhanced.

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