Jasmin Stavros Obituary, Jasmin Stavros The Best Well-Known Croatian Vocalists, Has Passed away.

Jasmin Stavros Obituary, Death Cause – One of the most well-known Croatian vocalists, Jasmin Stavros, made the announcement not too long ago that she would no longer be performing with the band. Yesterday evening at nine o’clock in the evening, one of the most famous vocalists to originate from Croatia, Jasmin Stavros, passed away. She was a member of the Stavros family. She had 68 years under her belt.

During this time, he visited KBC Rebro in order to receive treatment for a serious condition known as bone cancer. He was struggling to overcome this dreadful illness. The news that the well-known Croatian vocalist Jasmin Stavros had passed away was just recently shared with the public. Stavros, who is 63 years old now, was born in Split to parents who hailed from Romania. Split is located in Croatia.

I Would Give a Hundred Americas, which is connected to his time spent in the United States before his return to Croatia just before the country’s independence, is still one of his most popular songs. The song is about his time spent in the United States. When it was at the peak of its performance, it made it all the way up to the number two spot on the national charts of Yugoslavia. After some time had passed, in the year 2015, it was re-recorded in order to generate a remix version with the help of Croatian DJ Podra. He joined the ranks of the Hit Records stable of artists.

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