Sarah Todd Obituary,Sarah Todd Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Sarah Todd Obituary, Death – Our entire family is inconsolable at this time. The news of Sarah’s passing came yesterday, and I’m still trying to collect my thoughts. As I look at old photographs, it brings back fond memories of simpler times. Although they are cousins, they were reared like siblings.
I have no choice but to believe that she is resting in peace and that my grandmother, who cherished her so deeply, has welcomed her. We ask that you remember our family in your prayers, particularly my aunt and uncle, who have suffered the loss of their only child, as well as her two lovely girls and husband.

Sarah decided to devote the rest of her life to becoming an active volunteer. She worked at Duke Hospital, where she rocked newborn babies, at Urban Ministries, where she served food, and for twenty years, she volunteered on a weekly basis at The Nearly New Shoppe. Sarah never lost the beautiful sense of humor or the zeal for life that she had shown to everyone who knew her. She was a passionate gardener who continued to perform the most of the work in her yard well into her 80s. She enjoyed spending time with her dogs, watching birds, and baking.

Sarah and Thomas J. Todd were wed at First Presbyterian Church in 1953, and Sarah continued to be an active member of the congregation as well as a volunteer there for the remainder of her life. Her spouse, who went away in 1986, was the one who died before she did. She is survived by her children, eff Todd Dawn and Lisa Peacock Jim; her grandchildren, Noelle Hains Brett, Justin Todd, Jenneer Grow Nick, Michael Peacock, and Corey Schiffhauer; her sister, Mary Elizabeth Anglin; and her longtime friend, Eleanor Reynolds. She is also survived by her lifetime friend, Mary Elizabeth Anglin.

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