Daniel Lopez Obituary, Resident of Wasco is Dead - Death Cause

Daniel Lopez Obituary, Death – The victim was not successful in escaping the assault, and as a direct result of this, she ultimately passed away as a result of the injuries that she had incurred as a direct result of the occurrence. The unfortunate victim passed dead just a few short days after the tragic tragedy that had taken place. This is quite unfortunate. Wasco resident Daniel Lopez, who is now 31 years old, is alleged to have been stabbed on April 14, and following the occurrence, he was taken to Kern Medical to be treated for his injuries.

The event took place in the vicinity of the crossroads, more precisely close to the intersection formed by the intersection of Poso Avenue and D Street. The claim that was made in this instance is given more weight due to the fact that the facts that were acquired by the coroner’s office establish that the deceased person was the victim of a murder. As a result of being stabbed many times with the knife, the victim of the incident sustained multiple puncture wounds.

The victim of a stabbing that took place in Wasco on April 14 and who tragically passed away later that day was able to be identified by the Kern County Coroner’s Office thanks to the victim’s identification information that was included in the crime scene report. The terrible incident resulted in the victim’s death later that day. The unfortunate victim did not make it through the day and passed away shortly afterward.

The medical personnel at Kern Medical, who were informed of Lopez’s passing away, have validated the information that the 16th of April was the day he truly passed away as the date of his death. The medical staff at Kern Medical was made aware of Lopez’s passing away. An autopsy will be performed on Lopez in order to gain insight into the circumstances surrounding his dying as well as the factors that contributed to his demise. This will be accomplished by examining Lopez’s body.

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