Daniel Ghebrehiwet Obituary, Gun-Crime Ex-convict Shot Indianapolis Cops.

Daniel Ghebrehiwet Obituary, Death – According to the police, he was armed with a rifle in the style of an AR-15, and before he was killed, he “riddled” a police patrol vehicle with bullets. According to the records kept by the Indiana Department of Correction, Ghebrehiwet was found guilty of illegally carrying a firearm on two separate occasions (2000 and 2006) and of committing another handgun violation in 2017. In addition, the records reveal a conviction in the year 2000 for obtaining stolen car components.

The two officers who were injured while serving with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were discharged from the hospital on Friday but have not been recognized. The police department has stated that it has initiated an internal affairs investigation into the shooting, and all four officers involved in the incident, including the two officers who were injured and the other two officers who fired rounds, have been placed on administrative leave. This is usual protocol in the investigation of an officer-involved shooting.

According to the statement made by the department, the hearing will also be conducted by the civilian-majority Use of Force Review Board. Deputy Chief Christopher Bailey of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stated on Thursday that the four officers were members of the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force, which is a joint operation among central Indiana police agencies responsible with detecting and removing illicit weapons from the community.

On Friday, the individual who had been identified as the shooter who had wounded two Indianapolis police officers and then died in a gunbattle with members of the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force was found to be a former inmate who had three convictions for weapons-related offenses. Daniel Yefter Ghebrehiwet, 46 years old, was identified as the victim of the shooting that took place on Thursday by the Marion County Coroner’s Office.

Bailey stated that two of the cops were rushed to the hospital after being shot following a brief pursuit that occurred at 12:40 p.m. on Thursday. According to the deputy chief’s statement on Thursday, a passenger from the suspect vehicle attempted to flee but was later detained for interrogation.

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