Tyler Bagwell Obituary, Tyler Bagwell Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Tyler Bagwell Obituary, Death – At the Lutheran Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, on May 3, 1980, Tyler Bagwell was born to his parents, Janice and Carl (R.C.) Bagwell. Accidents at work were the cause of his death, which occurred on May 19 in Denver, Colorado. When Tyler was delivered, his monitor was twisted on top of his head, and he was quite active, so Dr. Corngata, who was Janice’s doctor, quipped, “you now have a Martian.

” His family eventually settled in Conifer, Colorado, and it was there that he received his early education and completed his secondary education. It was at Lee and Bertie Lee Haggard’s ranch near Council Hill, Oklahoma, that Tyler cherished spending time with his grandparents. It was there that Grandpa Lee witnessed Tyler take his first steps as a baby. They both laughed heartily at the joke. Together with his grandma, Bertie Lee, Tyler’s favorite thing to do was go fishing. They often caught perch and catfish.

After graduating from high school, Tyler went on to study at Warren Technical School, where Mr. Mac was always ranked as his favorite teacher. Welding is now an area of expertise for Tyler. After meeting the woman who would become the love of his life, Tara Frazee, Tyler and his new wife were blessed with a son, Taylan James, whom Tyler cherished deeply. The LDS church in Evergreen Meadows once counted Tyler as a member, and his paternal grandfather performed his son’s baptism in the Lakewood Stake Church.

He was a Life Scout with the Boy Scouts of America with Troop 400. Tyler’s six sisters were named as follows: Twila Dawn Bagwell, who lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Trina Valdez, who lived in Rupert, Idaho; Tara Lee Mellor, who lived in Spanish Fork, Utah; Tawnya Simmons Tryon, who lived in Nebraska; Tiera Kay Bagwell, who lived in Conrad, Montana; and Terrin Civilla Califf, who lived in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Tyler was adored like her own son by his stepmother Cherie Daye Bagwell, who also provided him with a large number of nieces and nephews. All of Tyler’s aunts and uncles in Springdale, Arkansas, including George and Maggie Bagwell, David and Betty Bagwell, Eldon and Audrey Bagwell, and others, will be sad to see him go.

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