Trevor Scheel Obituary, 73-year-old - Death Cause

Trevor Scheel Car Accident – The authorities from the Green Bay Police Department have been able to determine the identity of the person who was killed in the hit-and-run accident that took place on Tuesday. The victim ended up passing away as a direct consequence of the incident. Roselita Helms, who was 73 years old at the time of the occurrence, was walking near the junction of West Mason Street and 16th Avenue when she was struck by Trevor Scheel, who is now 23 years old and has been charged in connection with the crime.

Roselita Helms has since passed away, but Trevor Scheel has been charged in connection with the incident. Roselita Helms unfortunately passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained. There have been charges brought against Trevor Scheel in relation with the homicide. Scheel continued on his journey until he was eventually pulled over and jailed on South Clay Street. However, instead of stopping to check on Helms, Scheel did not stop to see how he was doing.

South Clay Street was the location of the arrest that was made. An purported breath test result showed that the defendant had a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times higher than the permissible limit in the state of California. This material was included in the official complaint against the defendant. The charges leveled against Trevor Scheel, who is 23 years old, include homicide through impaired operation of a motor vehicle as well as hit and run resulting in death. Both of these offenses are considered hit and run. It is believed that Scheel was responsible for both of these infractions.

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