Shooting Over Basketball In Yard North Carolina, Shot 6-year-Old Girl

North Carolina Shooting – Allegedly in North Carolina, a man opened fire on a young girl, her parents, and another neighbor after a basketball rolled into his yard. The incident occurred after the basketball rolled into his yard. The young girl, who was only six years old at the time, was involved in the incident. The suspect, who has been named as Robert Louis Singletary and is 24 years old, reportedly turned himself in on Thursday to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida, according to the Gaston County Police Department.

William James White, Ashley Hildebrand, and Derrick Kenneth Prather were named by the police as the adult victims who were found to have been involved in the incident. Gastonia was home to all three of the people who lost their lives. After sustaining a gunshot wound, the authorities say that White was injured and is currently in serious condition. The wound was caused by a firearm. Both Hildebrand and Prather were shot, but only Hildebrand was hit by a bullet, while Prather was shot but did not receive any injuries. According to the authorities, Hildebrand was hurt by a bullet that narrowly missed her. The child, who was only six years old, was found to have a bullet wound in accordance with the authorities.

On Tuesday, at 7:44 p.m., a call was received to the 911 dispatch center of the Gaston County Police Department to report a shooting that had taken place in the neighborhood. The activities of Singletary resulted in the infliction of life-threatening injuries on an adult male and a young female, and it was subsequently discovered by the investigators that a different female was grazed by a bullet while another adult male was wounded. In total, three people were injured as a result of Singletary’s conduct.


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