Ryan Peterson Obituary, Utah, Ryan Peterson Has Died - Death Cause

Ryan Peterson Obituary, Death – Ryan Peterson:Get together with some friends to play some pickleball. Clear his driveway of snow, as well as potentially those of one or more neighbors. Feed the dogs and take them for a walk while either doing Sudoku or listening to a gardening podcast, or doing both of those things at the same time. Read the emails, look over the PDF spreadsheets and term sheets that were attached, provide your opinion along with any counteroffers or thoughts, and ask for clarifications. Prepare ebelskivers for breakfast and serve them with raspberry jams that he cultivated and gathered himself. While on the way to a meeting at work at 9:30 in the morning.

We had to drive the girls in the carpool to school, talk to the principal of the school where he is the head of the Renovation Committee, and drop off a load at Deseret Industries. All of this had to be done before I could leave for work. From there, he would take care of a number of chores, some of which were menial and some of which were serious, on his computer with 12 windows open, all while on a call on his cell phone while another call was on hold for customer service on his desktop.

All of this while also filling out three NCAA brackets and playing Sudoku on a tablet before the deadline. Then it was off to lunch with an old buddy who I hadn’t seen in a long time, then it was back to the office for a conference call, then it was one more in-house meeting before rushing to Skylar’s State track meet, then it was off to Emma’s soccer game in Draper, and it was a close call getting home just in time for Cate’s dance performance. He managed to get a Pretty Bird sandwich at some point during all of that chaos. All finished by a late-night indoor soccer game out-playing 20-year olds. Ryan Burton Peterson passed away on April 17, 2023, having been born on April 28th, 1972.


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