Richard Riordan Obituary, Richard Riordan Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Richard Riordan Obituary, Death – The Riordan Programs are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved namesake, co-founder and benefactor, former L.A. Mayor Richard J. Riordan. Mayor Riordan improved the lives of thousands of young people when he established the Riordan Programs 36 years ago at UCLA Anderson. His dedication to our initiatives was unwavering throughout, and we are quite appreciative for that.

Richard J. Riordan was the former Mayor of Los Angeles. It was well known that Richard J. Riordan contributed a lot of money to the group. Richard J. Riordan is the name of the individual who served in the role of Mayor of Los Angeles in the past. In everyday conversation, Richard J. Riordan was almost always referred to by his nickname, “Rick. The former Mayor of Los Angeles was a man by the name of Richard J. Riordan. He served in this capacity for a period of time in the past.

This position was last held by Richard J. Riordan. After establishing the Riordan Programs at UCLA Anderson in 1982, Mayor Riordan very immediately began to have a positive influence on the lives of tens of thousands of young people and rapidly began to make a difference in their lives. The Riordan Programs were given their namesake after the former Mayor of Los Angeles, Richard Riordan, who was known as “Mayor Riordan.” He was the driving force behind the establishment of the Riordan Programs at UCLA Anderson.

Because he has shown such steadfast dedication to the effective attainment of our objectives over the length of this project, we owe him a significant amount of thanks. This is why we owe him such a large amount of gratitude. In point of fact, we owe him a considerable amount of gratitude for everything.

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