Phillip Dancy Obituary Tyler TX, The Pastor At Sylvania Church Has Died - Death Cause

Phillip Dancy Obituary, Death – It stabs me right in the heart. My relationship with Phillip Dancy was the most intimate I’ve ever had with a friend. During the holidays, we made the most of our time together as a family. We went to the same seminary during our educational careers. Together, we’ve been active in the work of several ministries. Because I am confident in my ability to rely on him, I have confided in him the matters that hold the utmost significance for me.

He is one of the two people in my life that I have sought to for aid in getting through situations in which I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone else about what was going on. He was the only person in this entire world who was able to raise me up, encourage me, and keep me humble all at the same time. He did all of these things. He has shown me, on a number of different occasions, what it means to follow Christ in a way that is honest and genuine over the time that we have spent together as a couple.

I have no reason to doubt that he had a love for Jesus, and the fact that he is now in the company of Jesus brings unending joy to my heart. My entire being is in a state of disarray right now. I will miss my friend more than I could ever hope to be able to adequately express in words. We are also suffering from hearts that have been broken. I will be praying for you, as well as for anyone else who is in need of the solace that only God can provide.

There may be crying for the whole of the night, but there will be joy in the morning, according to an old saying. Psalm 30:5b


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