Morrisville VT Shooting

Morrisville VT Shooting  – A man who was involved in a gunfight with police in Morrisville, Vermont, on Thursday night is still wanted by authorities there. He is described as “armed and dangerous,” and the search for him is ongoing. As a precaution, all of the schools in the region were shut down for the day on Friday, and all homeowners and business owners in the area have been instructed to exercise extreme caution and to call the police immediately if they observe any unusual behavior or believe they may have seen the suspect.

According to the Vermont State Police, the incident started on Thursday evening at 8:45 p.m.  When a police officer from Morristown responded to a report of a kidnapping and domestic disturbance in an apartment in Morrisville located at the intersection of Upper Main and Pleasant streets. Within the boundaries of Morristown lies the community of Morrisville, which is home to approximately 2,000 people. According to state police, the officer was immediately confronted with gunfire upon his arrival. As a result of past confrontations, the officer was able to identify the shooter as 24-year-old Henry Lovell, and he fired back at him.

The Morristown officer suffered non-life threatening wounds during the exchange of gunfire and was subsequently examined, treated, and discharged from the nearby Copley Hospital. Although the officer’s identify has not been made public, it is anticipated that he will be identified within the next twenty-four hours after the shooting. Since there was a shot by a law enforcement officer involved, the inquiry is now being led by state police. After the inquiry has been finished, it will be handed over to the office of the attorney general so that they can decide whether or not the Morristown police officer was within his rights to fire his gun.

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