Jeffrey Nathaniel Obituary, Buchanan MI, Has Died - Death Cause

Jeffrey Nathaniel Obituary, Death – Jeffrey Nathaniel Antisdel, age 35, from Buchanan, Michigan, passed away in his house the day following Independence Day in the year 2021. He was found to have died of natural causes. The 12th of July was the day he passed away. The 5th of December, 1985 found Jeffrey E. Antisdel and Kathleen E. Segretario in the city of Berrien Centre, Michigan, welcoming the arrival of their son into the world. His mother’s name is Kathleen E. Segretario, and his father’s name is Jeffrey E. Antisdel.

Everyone who knew Jeff, including his family, friends, and coworkers, thought of him as a kind and generous person who went out of his way to assist others. Everyone who needed help with their computer or mobile phone could rely on him to be there to provide it for them. Even though Jeff was a pizza and video game expert, the thing that brought him the most joy was just spending time with his two young sons.

This was true despite the fact that Jeff was an expert in both of these areas. Jeff was quite knowledgeable in both of these specialized fields. He was a wonderful example of what it is to be a patient and kind parent who puts their family first. His mother, Kathleen Segretario, his father, Jeffrey E.(Funda) Antisdel, and his wife, Rachael Shirley, are just a few of the many individuals who will mourn him after he passes away.

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