Greg Fagan Obituary North Carolina, Greg Fagan Has Sadly Passed Away - Death Cause

Jaie Deschene Obituary, Death – The loss of Jaie Deschene, who was not only a wonderful friend but also a coworker, has caused all of us to be filled with an incredible amount of grief. Jaie was a colleague as well as a friend. Jaie was someone we worked with, and she was also a wonderful friend. This week, many great anecdotes and memories of Jaie have been shared, and many people have praised Jaie for being the person who brought them into the Boston theater community and helped them get their start in the performing arts there.

Jaie passed away earlier this week. The person who was responsible for introducing a significant number of individuals to the theater scene in Boston was Jaie. In every sense of the word, Jaie was an essential part of the Boston theater community. He was an actor, director, and producer. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, which she directed in 2018, will be followed by The Congresswomen, which she will direct in 2020. Both of these films are scheduled to be directed by her.

She is slated to helm both of these movies at some point in the future. She was a part of our live as well as our virtual productions of Tartuffe, the latter of which took place in the year 2021. In 2019, she participated in our 24-hour play festival with a piece that she had previously written but had never submitted. Everyone at TTG had a great time working with her since she made the experience so much more pleasurable than it would have been otherwise. When we think back on her, the things that are going to stick out the most in our memories are going to be her amazing sense of humor and her tremendous artistic vision.



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