Isaiah Roach Obituary, Death – It is very disheartening for all of us here at the company to hear the news that Isaiah Leopold Roach, age 16, who had been reported missing from Prévost, Quebec, has been discovered to have passed away. Roach had been missing since September of this year. Our hearts break for Isaiah’s family and friends, and we offer our deepest condolences to them on the loss of their much cherished family member or friend.

Jessica Roach was the beloved daughter of her biological parents, Jim Roach and Julie Pace Kazee, as well as her stepmother Deborah Roach and stepfather David Kazee. She was the love of Stephen Fisher, the mother of Jesse and Katlyn Roach-Fisher, the mother-in-law of Cory Mannon, the grandmother of Victoria and Cloud Roach-Fisher, the sister of Isaiah Roach and his wife Christina as well as Joseph Pace, the granddaughter of Margaret Hall-Smith, and the friend. She was also the friend. Victoria and Cloud Roach-Fisher were her grandchildren. Jessica

She held her husband and children with the highest regard at all times! She never gave any indication that she was reluctant to contribute her thoughts, and she was always eager to do so with a cheery smile on her face. She made it her duty to find the most positive traits in the people she connected with, and she was quite successful in this endeavor. Her favorite activities included going canoeing, trekking in the woods, and cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors.

She was an extraordinary person who inspired everyone around her and had a great influence on the lives of those who were closest to her. After graduating from Southwestern High School, Jessica enrolled in Marshall University to further her education and eventually earned a degree there. She graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Culinary Arts from that institution.

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