Car Accident West Bloomfield MI

West Bloomfield MI Car Accident – West Bloomfield was the location of a collision that occurred on Thursday afternoon and only involved one vehicle. The incident took place there. This was the lone car that was involved in the incident that occurred. As a direct and immediate result of the incident, a female passenger in the vehicle sustained injuries. The collision was directly responsible for these injuries that were received by both parties.

The crash occurred in the residential neighbourhood that is located near to the intersection where Maple Road and Orchard Lake Road meet. The area is known as the “crossroads neighbourhood.” According to the report filed by the West Bloomfield Police Department, the driver was reportedly travelling in the northern direction on Orchard Lake Road when she reportedly lost control of her vehicle, which resulted in the vehicle flipping over. This information was included in the complaint that was filed.

The investigation into what took place is still taking on at this exact moment as we speak. She was deemed to be in a critical state when she was brought to the hospital, which is the level of severity that is considered to be the worst that can be achieved for her condition. When she was transported to the hospital, she was in this condition. The authorities have a sense that drinking alcohol may have had a role in the occurrence that took place, and because of this instinct, they are examining the likelihood that this was the case. This is due to the fact that they have a suspicion that this may have been the case.

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