Bruria David Obituary, Bruria David Has Died - Death Cause

Bruria David Obituary, Death – Rebbetzin Dr. Bruria David went away when everyone was celebrating the holiday of Passover. Machon She was responsible for establishing the esteemed Sarah Schenirer (BJJ) seminary in Jerusalem, and she went on to serve as both the institution’s founder and its director. She had a great commitment to education and was an accomplished Torah scholar. She was her father Rav Yitzchak Huner’s only child, and she worked with her father on the editing of his landmark book, Pachad Yitzchak. Pachad Yitzchak was published in the early 1900s.

This is because the literal translation of the phrase is “months of old.” The word “month” originates from the Hebrew word “chadash,” which means “new,” because the process of pregnancy is one of continuous regeneration. On the other hand, “shana” (year) embodies the quality of “shinun” (repetition), which literally translates to “repetition.” Rav Hutner emphasizes the necessity of both attributes, as well as the requirement that the renewal process be based on repetition.

In her honor, we would like to talk about a concept from Pachad Yitzchak that has a connection to both Rosh Chodesh and the parasha that will be read this week. The connection is between Rosh Chodesh and the Torah portion that will be read this week. At the beginning of Parashat Tazria, the laws that are relevant to the process of giving birth are discussed. The term “yarchei kedem,” which translates to “months of old,” is said to refer to a pregnant lady in the midrash.

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