Ben Alway Obituary, Edmonton, Ben Alway Has Died - Death Cause

Ben Alway Obituary, Death – At this year’s Edmonton’s Tattoo and Arts Festival, a well-known and well-liked figure in the Alberta tattoo industry will be honored. This person will be honoured for their contributions to the industry. This event will be a tribute to a person who was well-known for helping young people get their lives off to a fresh start, and that person will be honored. Ben Alway, who had a reputation throughout the area for his skill in removing tattoos, went away unexpectedly in the month of March. At the tattoo event that will take place the following Friday, a group of tattoo artists will hold a memorial for him as a form of tribute to pay their respects in his honor.

They will remember his generosity as well as the vibrant quality that he possessed as a personality. The exhibition’s annual “bad tattoo competition,” in which visitors show off the tattoos with which they are most embarrassed to be linked, shall henceforth be known as the Ben Alway Memorial Bad Tattoo Contest. This name change honors Ben Alway, who passed away in 2002. Always had been a sponsor of the competition, and as part of their support, they distributed vouchers to the tournament’s victors that could be exchanged for free laser hair removal sessions.

In addition to this, Alway was well-known for offering free tattoo removal services to anyone who sought to rid themselves of traumatic reminders of their past. Even if Alway was recognized for something else in addition to his comedic timing, the competition has a sense of humor in and of itself. Always got referrals for clients who required assistance with tattoos that they were unable to remove due to financial constraints from social workers and outreach teams.

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