Barry Daniels Obituary, Resident of Birmingham Alabama is Dead - Death Cause

Barry Daniels Obituary, Death – This is such a challenge. The previous several days have been challenging for me due to the wide range of feelings that I have experienced. Uncle Barry Daniels was an amazing person, and you were lucky to have crossed paths with him. He loved each and every person with his entire heart, and he experienced life to the absolute maximum. He was the most devoted member of his family and loved his friends and neighbors very much.

The vast majority of my recollections from my childhood and early adulthood include him. He showed me my first rated R movie when I was much, much too young to view one and warned me not to tell my father about it. He taught me how to ride a dirt bike in his backyard, which led to my lifelong love of horses; he took me to my very first rodeo; and he introduced me to my lifelong passion for horses.

Due to the fact that I had such a good time hanging out with you, I made it a habit to spend the night at your home on the weekends. I was there when you and Jamie went house searching, and I advised you to purchase the property you currently live in because of the pool. Additionally, whenever you had me house sit, you always paid me more than the agreed-upon amount. As Morgan and I were getting into the Chevelle to go for the honeymoon after our wedding, you made sure that you were the last person to give me a big papa bear hug before we drove off.

I lament the fact that my children will not be able to spend time with you but we will make sure that they are aware of who you are. I will miss all of our lake days and celebrations together. Wyatt’s go cart originally belonged to Wyatt’s uncle Barry, and he will never forget that. You made it a habit to have a short “serious” conversation with me practically every time we crossed paths in order to find out how I was doing and to ensure that I was content in my life.

I’m relieved that you didn’t have to go through any pain, but it breaks my heart that we had to say goodbye to you so soon. I count myself very fortunate to have a guardian angel like you looking out for us all the time. I’m going to miss your enormous, bear-like embraces and the way you always made sure to tell me that you loved me, baby girl.

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