Regan Pascal Obituary, Regan Pascal Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Regan Pascal Obituary, Death – Regan Pascal was born November 6, 2009. She passed away this morning, April 20, 2023. Her family did not have insurance and are in need of financial assistance to pay for her funeral. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All monies will be given to Watsons Funeral Home. Pascal was born in Miles City, Montana, on March 19, 1914, to Charles Pascal, a French restauranteur and candy maker, and Ann Kenny.

Charles opened a candy store in Helena, Montana, and the family lived above the store until he died from the Spanish Flu in 1918. Ann attempted to keep the candy store running, however, between being a woman and the ongoing flu epidemic, she struggled to keep the business afloat. Ann moved to Spokane with her children, Pascal and Charles. They made their home in Spokane for many years until, eventually, moving to Seattle. As a young girl, Pascal loved art and spent her days drawing and sketching. She’d sit for hours in their garden, painting the flowers, the sky and the people she’d see walking by.

Pascal also loved the theater and music, and one day, after a performance at The Paramount Theater, she met Jules Buffano. Jules was a band leader, musical composer and conductor and the two fell madly in love. They were married in 1934 and later welcomed a daughter, Suzanne Jill. Jules’ career took the family to Los Angeles where they settled for a few years, until they amicably divorced. Life would take Pascal on many adventures and down many different paths, including moving back to Seattle where she married Al Rosenberg. After his death, she moved to Beverly Hills where she made her permanent home with Ann and Jill.

When Pascal first moved to Beverly Hills, money was scarce. To help make ends meet, Pascal followed in her father’s culinary footsteps and created Susie’s Caramel Corn, named after herself and her daughter. She, along with her mother and daughter, made the caramel corn, packaged it and sold it. The business became extremely successful and was eventually purchased by Laura Scudder’s. Pascal loved to sketch and paint, but she was always intrigued by the medium of glass. She discovered an abandoned glass factory in Dunbar, Pennsylvania and taught herself how to turn the enormous chunks of glass into realistic sculptures revealing the fourth dimension within. Pascal took her sculptures to Europe where she eventually found a gallery that took a chance on an unknown artist and unknown medium. From that first gallery show Pascal’s glass sculptures would be shown in multiple galleries around the world.

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