Polanco Shooting

Polanco Shooting –¬†Polanco’s brother reported that Jonathon “Johnny” Polanco and KD Moline had just stopped for food on Friday night at a convenience shop in Southeast Portland when two women attacked Moline. Polanco had been with Moline at the time. According to information provided by Polanco’s family, the man who shot Polanco in the head was attempting to save Polanco’s girlfriend, Moline, from the clutches of two other women.

Polanco passed away later that night in a hospital, becoming the 60th person to lose their life as a result of a homicide in Portland this year. He was survived by a daughter who was six years old. Moline spoke these words on Tuesday at the scene of the killing, which was a 7-Eleven parking lot located at the intersection of Southeast 92nd Avenue and Holgate Boulevard. “This took way more than you can imagine,” Moline remarked. “A fight that started out as a fistfight ended with someone losing their life, and now we’ve lost more than just his life.” Without him, none of us would have a chance.”

On a prominent Instagram page that does not exist anymore, a video was uploaded that showed the fatal gunshot as well as the altercation that occurred before it. The account provided by Polanco’s loved ones is substantially supported by the footage that has gone viral. The clip, which is somewhat grainy, shows two ladies assaulting Moline outside of the convenience shop. At a certain moment, two men arrive from the side and yell at them to halt what they are doing. The footage then cuts to a different individual who is seen approaching the 7-Eleven while brandishing a firearm in the next scene.

He takes aim at the altercation and fires the weapon, hitting Polanco in the head with the bullet. Polanco then lands on the ground, causing the video to finish with him bleeding. Rob Polanco remarked, “That video’s out there,” and he indicated that the film should assist authorities quickly identify the person who killed his brother. “It’s been witnessed a huge number of times. It has been discussed so frequently, and Portland isn’t a very huge city. Someone I know knows someone else who knows somebody who appears in that video. During a news conference held next to a tiny monument of candles and flowers, the loved ones of Polanco stated that the couple did not know the women who leapt Moline or the man who shot Polanco, who was 30 years old.
Rob Polanco, his brother, described the occurrence as coming “out of the blue.”

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