Michael Bradsher Obituary, Michael Bradsher Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Michael Bradsher Obituary, Death – It was discovered on Thursday that an elderly guy who was 66 years old was one of the victims of the tornado that swept through a hamlet in McClain County on Wednesday night. The man’s death was one of the casualties that resulted from the passage of the storm. The location of the hamlet may be described as being in the southeast corner of the county.

The victim, Michael Bradsher Sr., was named by McClain County Deputy Scott Gibbons, who was discussing the incident with KOCO 5 at the time. He indicated that the victim had been recognized. During their conversation about what happened, Gibbons revealed this information. He was one of three persons who sadly lost their lives as a result of the storms that pounded parts of Oklahoma late on Wednesday night. The storms were responsible for the deaths of all three people. As a consequence of the storms, he was one of the persons who lost their lives.

According to Gibbons, two of the victims who were in McClain County when the tornado struck ultimately succumbed to their injuries and died as a direct result of the tornado. The other person who was in McClain County when the tornado struck is still missing. According to Gibbons, the body of a man was found at the site of significant storm damage, and a lady who had been transported to the hospital after suffering a heart attack passed away while she was being treated there. Both of these deaths occurred at the same time. The storm was a contributing factor in each of these deaths. Gibbons asserts that the woman ultimately succumbed to her injuries and passed away as a result. Both of the fatalities that occurred were directly attributable to the storm.

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