Matthew Larson Obituary Utah, Matthew Larson Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Matthew Larson Obituary, Death – Matthew Craig Larson was born on January 11, 1988 in Boulder City, Nevada. He was welcomed home just in time to celebrate his big brothers first birthday. From the time Matthew could walk you never saw him unless he was with his brother, Jake. Matthew loved him so much. When he was two he had tubes put in his ears, the first words he spoke when he woke up was, “Where is my Dake?” They were the best of friends growing up.

Matthew was the big brother to four sisters who he admired and loved. He had a special bond with his sister Alison, who is currently serving a LDS mission in San Diego. He has one younger brother, Scott who looked up to Matt as his hero. They all loved spending time with him, he was always so generous and willing to make them laugh. He is survived by his parents, Craig and Angie Larson. He always held a very tender place in his mother’s heart, she loved him so much. Matthew has always been an independent person, doing things his way.

As a child his parents vividly remember on many occasions the look in his eyes and could see the wheels turning in his mind knowing he was going to do exactly what they asked him not to do. Matthew grew up in Lehi, Utah where he spent most of his free time riding his BMX bike with friends and enjoying time with his family. Sometimes Matt would spend hours and hours building jumps, just to end up with a mouth full of mud and black eyes after wrecking. This never discouraged him and he would be back at it the same day trying to perfect the jump.

Matthew played baseball for many years, cherishing the time they won the State tournament. He attended Sego Lily Elementary, Lehi Junior High and Lehi High, graduating from Uintah High School in 2006. Although Matthew was very smart he never really loved going to school. However, Matthew took advantage of the many opportunities the Army provided to continue training and earned numerous certificates of accomplishment. Matthew became an Eagle Scout at the age of 15 by making crochet and fleece hats for people all over the world. He was always willing to volunteer his time to help those around him.

Upon turning 18, Matthew eagerly joined the Army Utah National Guard. He was a proud veteran who loved serving his country. While in the military Matt was able to create strong friendships, and he loved each friend like a brother. In return Matt was loved by all of his friends and was the best man at countless weddings. Matt served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Matt always intended on making a full career out of the military.

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