Marilyn Holman Obituary, Marilyn Holman Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Marilyn Holman Obituary, Death – Beloved, although our hearts are heavy with grief and affection, we want you to know that we are thankful for the life of our sister Marilyn Holman, who is now with God. Following a prolonged period of deteriorating health, Marilyn died away late last night. In the past year, many of you made sure that she got cards, phone calls, visits, meals, transportation, and other forms of support of all types; the love that you showed for her in action helped her stay connected to both herself and the city that she cherished so much.

Now that the race has begun, she will serve as our witness and encourage us along the way. DOn July 27, 2018, she tied the knot with Arden Reese Holman, a childhood friend she had known since kindergarten. In the past, she shared a marriage to Alden Jed Taylor, from which she eventually separated. Her children’s names are Ronnie Taylor, Tye Taylor, Tiffany Taylor Timothy (Brian), and Kaylynn Taylor, who unfortunately passed away. She adored all of the children she raised as if they were her own, including her 13 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, and all of the children she had adopted.

Bill Bezzant (who played Ione), Doug Bezzant (who played Joan), Christine Sandall (who played Jeff), and Pamela Slack (who played Dave) are her siblings. She was devoted to her roles as a grandmother, great grandmother, sister, wife, aunt, and friend among other relationships. She had a big heart and welcomed everyone into her family, bringing joy, laughter, and acceptance wherever she went. As a result, she was able to make a difference in the lives of a great number of people.

She was there for everyone who needed her consoling hands, hugs, service, food, sympathy, encouragement, or candy, and she gave love and caring service without expecting anything in return. Her flourishing gardens, her incredible eyelashes, her stunning home, and the life she made with Arden all contributed to the allure she exuded to everyone she encountered. She was an accomplished designer as well as an excellent sales person for Wallpaper Warehouse.

Children gathered in droves to Marilyn so they could bask in her sunshine, eat from her candy jar, and play dress up with her infamous trunk of clothes. She had an unending enthusiasm for life and brought a ray of sunshine into each of our lives. Marilyn would want us to continue spreading her warmth by having great family events, looking out for those who are the most vulnerable among us, and imitating the compassionate acts of service that she did throughout her life. We beg you not to take away our rays of sunshine.

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