Lititz PA Shooting, Lititz Man Shot Into Inhabited Residence While Trying To Shoot Squirrel In Tree

Lititz PA Shooting –¬†According to the authorities, a guy in Lititz accidentally shot into an occupied home last month while he was trying to shoot a squirrel that was in a nearby tree. According to the criminal complaint, Dakota Leonel Johnson-Ortiz, 24, was arrested on February 22 and charged with discharging a handgun into an occupied structure and carelessly putting the life of another person in danger. According to the complaint, officers from the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department responded to the 100 block of Guilder Place in Warwick Township at approximately 11:15 a.m. on February 17 after receiving a report of a shot being fired into a residence in that location.

When the police came, they found a hole in the drywall of the bedroom where a child was sleeping in a crib. The hole was half an inch in diameter. As the cops were removing the infant from the crib, they noticed that a section of the crib had been damaged as a result of the shot. According to the authorities, the child did not sustain any injuries, and there were no other injuries reported. At approximately 3:15 in the afternoon, officers received a contact from Lancaster County-Wide Communications informing them that a neighbor had reported finding a dead squirrel in his property that appeared to have been shot to death.

According to the complaint, the law enforcement authorities discovered the dead squirrel and had the suspicion that someone in the immediate neighborhood had shot it. Johnson-Ortiz, a resident of the neighborhood who lives close by, was questioned by the police and stated that he heard a loud bang about the time that the gunshot occurred. According to the complaint, Johnson-Ortiz admitted his guilt after initially denying that he was responsible for firing the gun that hit the house. However, when the police explained that they could determine where the shot came from, Johnson-Ortiz admitted his involvement.

He informed the authorities that he shot at a squirrel that was in a tree from the second-story window of his home, and he admitted to seeing the hole in the side of his neighbor’s house after he discharged the gun. According to the lawsuit, he voluntarily turned over his firearm, which was a rifle with a.22-caliber caliber and there was no record of ownership on file. Johnson-Ortiz is free after posting an unsecured bail of $25,000. The preliminary hearing for him is scheduled for the 18th of April at 1:30 p.m.

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