Irene the Ice Machine Obituary, Holmes Hot Dogs Mourns Irene the Ice Machine - Death Cause

Irene the Ice Machine Obituary, Death – After putting up a valiant struggle and having two wonderful days of making the best ice in Sparkle City after a transplant procedure, Irene passed away in the early morning hours of Thursday, April 20, 2023. Her funeral was held at the Sparkle City Funeral Home. Irene Keen-Seely, who was born in 1961 in Albert, Minnesota to parents Mr. Keen-Seely and Mrs. Thermos Co., led a happy and fulfilling life by working at Holmes Hotdogs in Arcadia, South Carolina for more than 60 years. Her parents were Mr. Keen-Seely and Mrs. Thermos Co.

She worked diligently for Mr. Walt and Mr. Bill Dickey Holmes for about 30 years, and she carried on the family legacy with Mr. Walt’s daughter after she took over the firm and ran it for nearly 25 years. This was after she had worked for them for approximately 30 years. She subsequently devoted herself to serving her new owner, Kyle Childers, for almost an additional year until she passed away quietly in the night. Her brother Ted, who owns The Flora-Bama Bar just outside of Pensacola, Florida, and her sister Ilene, who runs Bob’s Country Bunker Restaurant in Racine, Wisconsin, are the only surviving members of their family.

She is survived by both of them. She is also survived by her children, Frosty and Misty, both of whom were born after she died away. Her husband also survives her. Both of them are owners and operators of the Seely Snow-Cone business located in Sugar-Tit, which is located in South Carolina. Take it easy, you magnificent being. Make sure they retain a smile on their face even while they are outside in the frigid temperatures. You are going to be missed very, very much.

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