Francis Halagan Obituary, Francis Halagan Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Francis Halagan Obituary, Death – I am sorry to hear that we have lost a very outstanding man. This morning, Francis Halagan took his final breath. He was one of the original members of our post and remained an active participant for a good portion of its history. We are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. As soon as we have more information about his plans, we will share it with you. I am grateful to you, sir, for the service you have provided to both our country and our station. Rest in peace.

Following the completion of his coursework at Hudson Valley Community College, he immediately enlisted in the military in order to provide service to his country. After that, he was able to put the knowledge he had gained to good use. After relocating there from another part of the country, Frank stayed in Plattsburgh for a considerable amount of time before ultimately deciding to make Watervliet his permanent home.

After gaining experience in the workforce as a janitor at Watervliet High School, he moved on to work in the dairy departments of the Walmart stores located in Plattsburgh and Albany, respectively. His most recent position was as a cashier at the Albany Walmart. In addition to that, he had a job at the Tobin Packing Company where he was a security guard. Frank possessed a moderate amount of artistic talent and, in his spare time, he enjoyed participating in crossword puzzles.

He also had some of the prettiest handwriting you’ve ever seen, if that’s even possible. The games that he was most looking forward to watching were those involving the New York Mets, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Miami Dolphins respectively. He had never stopped harboring the ambition to visit Ireland at some time in his life, and he never intended to do so either. Dolly, in particular, occupied a unique and significant place in his heart throughout the entirety of his life. He shared a profound connection with each and every creature.

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