Cody Noel Car Accident Brookland, Arkansas, Cody Noel is Dead - Death Cause

Cody Noel Obituary, Death – We are sickened to learn of the terrible incident that took place. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Noel family during this difficult time. Gone too soon!! Cody has performed for us here at the shop on two separate occasions, and on each occasion, he has given an outstanding show. Always drew a sizable number of people, and everyone there had a great time.
It was a delight to get to know him even for the small amount of time that we had!

When he came out, he would always have his children with him, and once, we even got to hear his daughter perform. This next Saturday, April 29th, we will be hosting live music at the shop. We will have a bucket ready to collect a “fee to get in to listen to music,” and no matter how much money is contributed, we will double it. The money that is raised will be sent to the man’s wife and children in its whole. We are going to do $5 per person, but if you feel led to donate more than that, that is totally fantastic!!

What a privilege it was to have known such an outstanding individual! Rest in peace Cody. Lorado Smokehouse & Grill is where you’ll find Brandon, Mika, and the rest of the crew.The news that Cody Noel had departed suddenly earlier today as the result of a car accident in Arkansas has left us with a heavy heart. When we first established AVO, Cody was there with us from the beginning. He is the one who designed several of our company logos. During that period, he was a member of the Justin Heskett Band, and together, they were responsible for the creation of the song “God’s Country,” which has appeared in a number of our videos.

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