Chloe Culver Obituary, Chloe Culver Has Passed Away

Chloe Culver Obituary, Death – She had a smile that was so contagious that it captivated the attention of everyone she came in contact with, but the thing that she enjoyed doing the most was spending time with her family and friends. Chloe was taken from this world much too soon, and as a result, she has left behind an infinite number of people who will cherish her memory both now and for the rest of their lives.

On October 9, 2022, Chloe Nicole Culver, who had been a resident of Almo, Tennessee, and had reached the age of 22, passed away in Henry County, Tennessee. In the year 2000, on May 10th, Shawn and Rhonda Ahart Culver were overjoyed to announce the arrival of their daughter Chloe into the world.

They did so in Calloway County. She was a student at Calloway County High School and graduated with the class of 2018 earlier this year. In addition to working at the Murray Calloway County Hospital, Chloe was also a devout follower of the Christian faith at the Dexter Church of Christ.

This adorable child is deserving of a lot of praise for all of the amazing qualities that they possess. Her most cherished pastimes included activities such as skydiving, pursuing ducks in the field, and fishing. Chloe started off by participating in beauty pageants as a model, and she also started taking her interest in photography more seriously.

One of the beloved members of her extended family who preceded her in death was her cousin Amie Lyons. Her maternal great-grandmother, Doyal Culver, and her paternal grandparents, Homer and Betty Ahart, as well as her uncles Gary and Kenneth Ahart, all passed away before she did.


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