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Richard Whitehouse Obituary, Death – Richard “Dick” Whitehouse, who was the husband of Mary Joanne Whitehouse, passed away on December 11, 2015 at his home in Glastonbury. He was surrounded by his family at the time of his passing. Dick Whitehouse was the son of the late Herbert Whitehouse and Catherine (Maloney) Whitehouse. He was born in 1937 in Broad Brook, Connecticut, and has lived in Glastonbury since 1965.

It was in 1955 when he received his diploma from Ellsworth Memorial High School, and in 1963 he received his degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. In 1957, Dick enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and rose through the ranks to become a Captain while serving in Vietnam as a pilot with the F4-B aircraft. Following his discharge from the Marine Corps, he found work with the Southern New England Telephone Company, where he remained until his retirement. His interests included spending time with his family, going hiking and camping, and fighting to preserve and promote public access to the parks, trails, and woodlands of Connecticut.

He was a volunteer for the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Manchester Land Conservation Trust, and the Case Mountain Recreational Area, where he held the position of caretaker. He encouraged young people to spend time outside and to care for the natural world by helping to construct and maintain a number of the hiking paths around Glastonbury and Manchester. He led the Connecticut Forest & Park Association as its President from 1999 to 2007 and remained on the organization’s board of directors up until the time of his dying in 2007.

Dick is survived by his children and their spouses, including James Whitehouse and Paige Westerfield of Chaplin, Connecticut; David and Susan Whitehouse of Hebron, Connecticut; Tim Whitehouse and Joan Olmstead of Poolesville, Maryland; Maureen Teubert of Dodgeville, Wisconsin; and Mark and Mimi Whitehouse of Arlington, Virginia; 11 grandchildren; and close friends Jim and Dorthy Hardin of Raleigh, North Carolina. Jim and Dorthy have been friends of Dick’s for his entire life. Evelyn Leonard and Agnes Trombley, both of whom were his sisters, as well as James Whitehouse, Herbert “Clint” Whitehouse, and John Whitehouse, all of whom were his brothers, passed away before he did. Saturday is when we will be taking messages.

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