Leon Peterson Obituary, Leon Peterson Has Died - Death Cause

Leon Peterson Obituary, Death – As Leon matriculated through Irving Junior High and on to South High School, sports became a big part of his life. But not at the expense of part time jobs. From selling nightcrawlers to the fishermen driving up Parleys Canyon, to stock boy at Harward’s Variety Drug Store, Leon loved to work! It was after a stint as a salesman at Bud’s Duds in Sugarhouse that Leon really started to pay attention to his own wardrobe, a hobby he enjoyed the rest of his life.

Leon Peterson has sadly passed away. Leon adapted and thrived. It was here that Leon’s world started to expand. He found the local Edgehill Ward and quickly became a gym rat playing basketball, making friends and helping out with the concessions. It was there an early mentor who upon seeing Leon’s interest in basketball, encouraged him and maybe, more importantly, gave him his lifelong nickname. “We’ll call you Pete.” And they did! To his friends, he was always Pete.

Then followed a move to Millcrest Road in Olympus Cove. Leon always appreciated his step-father for this move and how it helped broaden his horizons, socially and otherwise. From there Leon began his college experience at the University of Utah.

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