Kevin Dunsire Obituary, Naperville Illinois, Kevin Dunsire Has Died - Death Cause

Kevin Dunsire Obituary, Death – We have come to the conclusion that this is the best way to honor Kevin. We are confident that he is seeing things from a more optimistic perspective at this moment and that he would want us to keep moving forward and take ownership of our happiness. He spent several summers at Camp Leelanau in upper Michigan, where he was able to explore the outdoors and participate in activities such as furious three-day fights of capture the flag, camping trips, campfire fires, amazing sunsets, and treks to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Kevin Dunsire has died. Kevin, who played ice hockey for the Sabres, Naperville Central Redhawk Hockey, and eventually for the University of Iowa, was given the endearing nick name “Cubby” by our family and the brothers who attended Camp Leelanau. You have no idea how much we appreciate it. We could ask him why he had to leave us so quickly in a never-ending loop, but it would not be productive for us and would only serve to waste time. The single most important thing that any of us can do in this day and age is to do all in our power to be a “light unto the world.” To do everything in our power to build one another up and to be a positive influence in the world.

He also spent many summers at Camp Leelanau. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Iowa, he spent a number of years employed with Synnex Corporation. Playing shinny hockey on their knees in the basement while poking more than a few holes in the walls took up a significant amount of time and was enjoyed by his neighbors, teammates, and older brother Dave as well as his younger brothers Scottie and Tommy. Dave was the oldest of the four brothers. In addition to that, he cherished the company of our three Bernese Mountain dogs, Crosby, Wrigley, and Lucy. The presence of many of you in Kevin’s and our lives has been a source of blessing.

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