Kayla Betker Obituary, St. Joseph Michigan, Former Twin City Beauty College Member Has Died - Death Casue

Kayla Betker Obituary, Death – What a catastrophe for not just one world but for a great many others as well. Kayla When we have been in the same area at the same time, Elizabeth, you have always contributed to making the environment more enjoyable. If you or any of your pals are going through a difficult time, I implore you to please call out for some help, whether it be for yourself or for one of your friends. Extend your hand… Please Stay Here and Enjoy the Rest of Your Time With Us.

Kayla Betker’s life was cut off in a way that was both unexpected and heartbreaking. A buddy of his posted the following message on one of the social media platforms: “So, I received some awful news yesterday about an old high school friend.” I would like the Betker family to know how sorry I am for their loss and how much I can relate to their pain in this difficult time.

Even though I’m not trained in mental health, I’ve read quite a bit on my own to educate myself on depression. Not Sadness. REAL depression. I can declare without a shadow of a doubt that I would be describing the same position right now if I hadn’t made the move to Colorado… The condition of our minds is of far more relevance than the surroundings that we find ourselves in physically… I am so sorry to say this, but does it really make a difference if another light goes out? Well I do”

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