Karen Davis Obituary, Karen Davis Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Karen Davis Obituary, Death – I can’t help but think about two of my wonderful friends, Fred Davis and Karen Davis. These photographs were taken approximately one year ago. I paid a visit to them at their house. We spoke about music, cats, and how to keep your home safe while we ate hamburgers. I only found out on Monday that the lovely Karen passed very suddenly, and it deeply saddens me to think about it. These two would always show me love and support me in my musical pursuits. They would also assist me with things when I truly, really needed their assistance.

Even now, I continue to receive greeting cards in the mail. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for our friendship. I really enjoyed hearing Karen giggle. That would make me chuckle to myself! I have some wonderful memories from Odomfest, including Karen and I griping about the weather in Indiana over the Labor Day weekend and laughing about it. A gig I saw at Birdy’s the day after my 29th birthday stands out as one of the most cherished moments I’ve shared with the Davis’s.

Which has formally been purchased not too long ago), and I had the opportunity to hang out with them and rejoice alongside my dad. (Because he was frequently ill, he didn’t make it to too many of my performances.) I am kicking and screaming at myself because I did not get the chance to see her before she departed from this earth. I shall miss having her here. Fred is the kindest of men, without a doubt. Kindly remember him in your prayers and meditations.

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