Kailyn Mayfield Suicide, Byron Nelson High School Student is Dead - Death Cause

Kailyn Mayfield Obituary, Death – At the age of 63, our beloved Father Douglas Mayfield was taken to his heavenly abode on February 7, 2020. He had served God and his community faithfully for many years. Ernest and Dorothy Mayfield welcomed their son into the world on March 12, 1956, and he was born in Abilene, Texas. His parents’ names were Mayfield. Ernest Mayfield is his father, and Dorothy Mayfield is his mother.

His middle name is Mayfield. His secondary education was completed at Jim Ned High School, and he went on to complete his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at Texas Tech University after graduating from high school. He split his time between working as a Computer and Network Specialist and traveling to other parts of the world. He spent a significant chunk of his life to the former.

He went through books as if there were no tomorrow and was always looking for new and fascinating coffees to sample. He was also always looking for new and interesting novels. The person who had died before him was his father, Ernest Mayfield, who had passed away in December of 2019. He was the most recent person to die before him. His mother Dorothy Mayfield, his daughter Dixie Wharton and her husband David Wharton, his daughter Desirae Butler and her husband Carl Butler, his son.

Daniel Mayfield and his wife Jennifer Mayfield, his granddaughter Hannah Hughes and her boyfriend James Van Horn, his granddaughter Mackenzie Codini, his granddaughter Natalie Mayfield, his granddaughter Kaitlyn Mayfield, and his grandson Johnny Dennisson are among those who survive him. Also surviving him is his daughter Desirae Butler and her husband Carl Butler. His daughter Desirae Butler and her spouse Carl Butler are also still with us today to carry on his legacy.

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