Justin Tully Obituary, Justin Tully Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Justin Tully Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, the 18th, the KFNC suffered the untimely passing of another Burra. The valiant fight that Justin Tully put up was ultimately unsuccessful. Even though we knew that this day would come, it was still incredibly upsetting to find out what had happened.
When Justin was a kid, he used to play with the Keysborough juniors, and it was through his time spent there that he made the friendships that would last him a lifetime and beyond.

As a senior footballer, Tull played a total of 122 games in the seniors, during which he scored 114 goals and had a game-high of eight goals scored. And the celebrations after goals were his absolute favorite! He went on to play another 22 games in the reserves, including one in our most recent flag game, which was our victory against Berwick in the 1999 Reserve premiership. By their very nature, football teams are populated with people who have strong personalities. There was no one else on the same level as Tull.

When Tull entered a room, his presence was immediately noticeable. The perfect illustration of the phrase “life of every party.” It was usually Tull who would react first to liven up any occasion or social scenario. If there was ever a dull moment, it could be attributed to Tull. To put it more succinctly, having Tull around made life more engaging, more enjoyable, and simply better overall. A wonderful member of the team for many people and a trustworthy friend to even more.

Tull developed several personal links with the Skye football club after moving out to Carrum Downs and watching his son Harry participate in junior football and cricket. Coincidentally, Keysborough are scheduled to play against the Skye football club on this coming Saturday. Both clubs’ players, officials, and supporters will be paying their respects to Justin, and the Skye football club has extended an invitation to all of Tull’s friends and former team mates to join them in the rooms afterwards as they celebrate Tull’s life and pay tribute to him.

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