Derrick Usher Obituary, Langley British Columbia Former University Student Has Died - Death Cause

Derrick Usher Obituary, Death – Melody Hill, who was his lover at the time, was his biological father. His biological father was Robert Joslyn, who was from Middleborough, Massachusetts. Equally the product of all three of their genetic contributions, he was their offspring. The town of Stoughton, which is found in the state of Massachusetts, is where he got his start in life. It was him who the daughter ultimately decided to marry, and at the time, he was residing in Pawtucket with his family. His parents were Ernest and Rebekah (Usher) Hutton. Derrick called the communities of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island, his homes prior to making the move to Cumberland in September of 2015.

Derrick Usher has died. Throughout their whole time spent together, Jillian R. (Hutton) Joslyn held the fact that he was her husband in the highest regard and treasured it beyond all else. This remained consistent throughout the entirety of their time together. Patricia (Cabral) Anderson, originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, was revealed to be his biological mother.

He has now established his home in Cumberland. He uprooted his life and moved to Cumberland. After completing his high school education at Norton High School, which is located in Norton, Massachusetts, he went on to pursue further education at ITT Tech, where he was awarded an Associate’s Degree with High Honors. At the moment, he is working on earning his Bachelor of Arts degree and is now in the middle of the process. During that time, he was a fervent supporter of the New England Patriots while working as a Route Sales Associate for Frito-Lay. In addition, he was an avid consumer of Frito-Lay products. In addition to that, he had a good sense of competition.

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