Anjali Khare Obituary Belmont MA, Umass Amherst Student is Dead - Death Causehands holding one candle in darkness

Anjali Khare Obituary, Death – Anjali Khare was born on July 7, 1937 in the city of Pune in the country of India. She was the first born of Shankar and Shalini Bhogale’s seven children, making her the oldest. In order to marry our grandfather Narayan yKhare, she undertook the arduous journey all the way to East Africa by herself. During a visit to his friend, who was also our mother’s uncle, our father fell in love with her. Anjali is survived by her two daughters, Anjali Srivatsa and Anita Mathew, her son-in-law Chakra Srivatsa, her four grandchildren, Sunil, Jason, Sanjeev, and Rachell, her three siblings, and a large number of cousins.

Extrovert, outgoing, and unafraid of taking risks, Anjali was a person. She enjoyed social gatherings, both in person and on the phone, immensely. She was an excellent tailor as well as a knitter, and she used to make outfits for us when we were younger as well as knit sweaters for all of us. She was really good at both darts and badminton when she played them at the club in Africa. She was also a passable player of the card game Bridge. In addition to being a wonderful cook, mother, and homemaker, she also worked in London, and after moving to the United States, she found work in the insurance industry.

After living in India till she was 19 years old, she moved to Tanzania, East Africa, where she stayed for 22 years. After that, she spent three to four years in London before moving to the United States of America in 1977. She suffered and struggled with the loss of both of her boys as well as my father (1988). She had a deep affection for all of her relatives in India, was very attached to them, and traveled frequently to India in order to spend time with them. She adored and took immense pride in all of her grandchildren.

She was a significant figure in Sunil and Sanjeev’s lives because of their close proximity to her. She had a good attitude, was full of life’s vitality, and liked living. Many people cherished and appreciated her, and she will be sorely missed by both her family and her friends. Her departure from her residence on earth and arrival in her next location was accomplished in a serene manner. As she was leaving, her daughter Anjali was by her side and held her hand as they said their goodbyes. May the universe take away her suffering, provide her with solace and blessings, and set her free at last.

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