Shooting in Mankato MN, Suspect in Mankato Shooting Found, Taken into Custody

Shooting in Mankato MN  – The suspect in custody in connection with the shooting that took place on Friday, according to the Mankato police department. According to the city, there is no additional information that can be provided, and charges are still pending. Because he is believed to be armed and dangerous, you should avoid coming into contact with him.
According to the police, the victim of the shooting and Mohamed are familiar with one another. Mohamed stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches and has a body mass index of 160. He was last seen on Echo street. According to the Mankato Police Department, he is associated with a gray Honda Accord from 2010 that has the license plate number WV2568.

Mankato Public Safety was dispatched to the Mankato Towers Apartments on Friday morning at approximately 9:30 a.m. in response to an incident involving a person who had been shot by a person who was already familiar to the victim. A shelter-in-place notice was issued for the neighborhood of Echo Street in Mankato, but not for the entire city of Mankato as a whole. Residents were warned by law authorities to avoid the area around Echo Street. In addition, the surrounding roads close to Echo street were closed off. The victim of the shooting was reportedly taken to the hospital, where they received treatment for an injury that was not considered to be life-threatening.

According to Deputy Director Matt DuRose, the search for the suspect in the shooting, Bashir Mohamed, who is 30 years old, was conducted by the police in the area with the utmost attention to detail. During the time that the police were searching the area, several establishments in the neighborhood, including Bethany Lutheran College and the hospital that is part of the Mayo Clinic Health System, were placed under lockdown. At approximately 12:20, the police initiated the process of cleaning the site. According to DuRose, Mohamed must have escaped the building prior to the arrival of the police.

Before 9:30 in the morning on Friday, the Mankato Public Safety Department issued a “shelter in place” notice. Bethany Lutheran College students, staff, and faculty were informed in a statement that Mankato Public Safety was responding to an incident involving a person who was shot by an individual known to the injured person at the Mankato Towers Apartments. The message was distributed to students, staff, and professors of Bethany Lutheran College. The statement goes on to indicate that the Department of Public Safety is operating under the assumption that the person who fired the shot was hiding in the Mankato Towers Apartments. Until the location was made safe at 1:05 p.m., multiple law enforcement agencies were conducting their investigations there.

According to Mankato Public Safety, more information will be made available on Friday afternoon (as reported by KEYC News Now). As a result of the notice that was issued early on Friday morning, other locations in the nearby area implemented lockdown procedures. Around 9:30 in the morning, out of an abundance of caution, Bethany Lutheran College initiated the lockdown procedure, which, according to the officials at the school, was not required. Lockdown procedures have been implemented at the Mayo Clinic Health System – Mankato, but patients will still be able to enter the institution after going through a “enhanced screening process.” Lockdown procedures were also put into effect at the Mankato Clinic’s Main Street site.

The lockdown at MCHS – Mankato has been lifted, and the school will return to its regularly scheduled operations immediately. During the law enforcement crisis, the superintendent of the Mankato Area Public Schools, Dr. Paul Peterson, sent a message to the parents of the students stressing that there was no immediate danger to students, staff, or professors. In addition to that, they are cooperating with the Mankato Public Safety Department, and they added that if there are any alterations made. The principal of the school where the student is enrolled will personally contact the parents.

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