Patrick Hennessy Obituary, Patrick Hennessy Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Patrick Hennessy Obituary, Death – We must inform you with a heavy heart of the passing of Patrick “Hairy” Hennessy. It is with great sorrow that we do so. The absence of his presence in this world will be felt keenly. In addition to being a devoted fan of the team and a Life Member of the Horsham Saints Football Netball Club, Hairy was also a member of the team and participated in games for them. Hairy passed away in 2013.  A significant number of individuals are going to miss him very much due to the friendly and outgoing character that he radiated as well as the companionship that he gave.

On the morning of Friday, the 21st of April, at ten o’clock in the morning, a memorial ceremony will be performed at the gravesite in the Horsham Cemetery. The service will be in honor of the deceased. The funeral service will end with a wake that will be held at the Coughlin Park Community Centre. Vale We are putting out a plea for contributions of slice and possible assistance for the delivery of morning tea at 11 a.m., which will be hosted by the Patrick “Hairy” Hennessy Coughlin Park Bowling Club and the Horsham Saints Football Netball club respectively. The event will take place at the Coughlin Park Bowling Club.

The Coughlin Park Bowling Club will be the location of the event that will be held. During the wake that will be conducted later, Patrick “Hairy” Hennessy will be remembered by all in attendance. During the length of the training session that will take place on Thursday evenings, donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged throughout the event. If you are able to provide assistance or have a comment in relation to this posting, please get in touch with Scott B. Bond at this number, which is 0418 302120.

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