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Noel Hanna Obituary , Death – The club would like to extend their deepest sympathies to Noel Hanna’s family on the demise of their loved one during a tragic accident that occurred while he was on a mountain adventure.

Noel was a ferocious football player for the club back in the 1990s, and he surely took those qualities over to his mountaineering career, where he climbed to renown locally and garnered widespread praise. During his mountaineering career, he earned broad acclaim and became well-known.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with the rest of the family, including Brother Malcolm, Sister Irene, and Brother Malcolm’s wife, Lynne. A well-known climber from Northern Ireland who was attempting to descend one of the mountains with the highest elevations in the world recently passed away.

According to reports originating from the area, Noel Hanna was killed while climbing Mount Annapurna in Nepal, which is the tenth highest mountain in the world. According to Mingma Sherpa, the head of Seven Summit Treks, Mr. Hanna “breathed his last breath in Camp IV last night.”

Tributes have been paid to Mr. Hanna, a well-known climber who originated in Dromara, which is located in the county of Down in Ireland. Mr. Hanna reached the summit of Mount Everest ten times throughout the course of his career, and in 2018, he made history by becoming the first Irishman to summit and descend K2.

The following is an excerpt from a statement issued by Mourne Mountain Adventures: “Very saddened to learn of the passing of Noel Hanna this morning.” Noel, who was born and raised in the Mournes, was successful in his attempt to climb K2 and, astonishingly, reached the summit of Everest ten times. Additionally, he was the first Irishman to accomplish this feat.

It is a small consolation to know that he spent his last moments doing what he loved most, as he was such an incredible man and one of Northern Ireland’s top mountaineers. Laura Devlin, a councilwoman for the SDLP, was told that the community has been “devastated.” “It’s awful to get up in the morning and hear this news.

She said that her initial impression of Noel was that he acted like a proper gentleman. Ms. Devlin remarked that it would be an understatement to refer to him as an athlete. He was an extraordinary mountaineer who conquered Everest on multiple occasions. Noel was a really engaging person who was always up for a conversation and had a great deal of life experience.

He was also constantly open to new ideas.The breaking news is quite upsetting. My thoughts are with every member of Lynne’s family as well as her close friends. “So sorry to hear of the passing of Noel Hanna from Northern Ireland, who had just become the first Irish climber to summit Annapurna,” DUP MLA Paul Frew tweeted on social media.

“He had just become the first Irish climber to summit Annapurna.” “Noel was an absolute legend, having climbed Everest, Manaslu, and K2 ten times between them.” During this trying time, his family is in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you all. Alliance Member of Legislative Assembly Sorcha Eastwood referred to it as “absolutely tragic and desperately sad news.”


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