Maria Cortez Obituary, Mother, Daughter Killed in South Side Fire - Death Cause

Maria Cortez Obituary, Death – The names of the mother and daughter who were killed in the fire on the south side of Milwaukee have been made public by the Medical Examiner’s Office of Milwaukee County. Both of them were found inside the burned-out home. Both victims were discovered inside the burning house when it was discovered. Following the outbreak of the fire, both of them were found still inside the burning home.

On the evening of April 12, a fire broke out in the neighborhood that is located near to the crossroads where 19th Street and Burnham Street meet. The blaze was initially reported in the area. Both Maria Castillo Cortez, who was 27 years old, and Maria Chavez Castillo, who was 1 years old, were inhabitants of an apartment that was located on the second level when the fire broke out. Maria Castillo Cortez was the mother of Maria Chavez Castillo. According to the report that was turned in by the ME, the two of them were simultaneously present at the apartment where they were staying.

The investigators have a high level of confidence that the tragic event was brought about by a charcoal barbeque, which, at the time of the occurrence, was situated on a back patio. After it had initially begun on one piece of real estate, the fire quickly spread to another three homes within a little period of time after it had initially broken out. The victim’s fingerprints were taken, and the ME’s office was able to positively identify the suspect, a 27-year-old man, using those fingerprints. The culprit was able to be positively identified using the victim’s fingerprints.

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