Ivan Conti Obituary , Ivan Conti Has Died - Death Cause

Ivan Conti Obituary , Death – We were deeply saddened and taken aback to learn this morning that our close buddy Ivan “Mamo” Conti had passed away. Mamo, who was one of the three original members of Azymuth and is leaving the band in the year that marks their 50th anniversary, leaves behind a significant musical legacy for which we will be grateful for the rest of our lives.

In our opinion, he deserves to be mentioned alongside the very best drummers in the annals of music history. Ivan was a man who was full of joy, who had a kind heart, who was amusing, and who exuded an amazing amount of charisma.

In addition to being a musical icon, Ivan was all of these things. He made time for everyone and was nourished by the love of his family, friends, fellow musicians, and fans. He showed his appreciation for this love via his music, his warmth, and his generosity.

He had time for everyone.He approached performing and composing music with a youthful sense of openness and a truly infectious delight, and he will continue to be remembered via the work he did with Azymuth, his solo projects, and the innumerable albums he worked on with other musicians in Brazil and throughout the world. He passed away in 2016.
Rest in peace Mamão x

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