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David Cossar Obituary , Death  – COSSAR David (Davie/Dave), a loving father to John, a loving grandfather to Garry, and a beloved great-grandfather to Archie and Henry, died away peacefully on Friday, December 7, 2018, at St. Andrew’s Nursing Home. David was a devoted father to John, a devoted grandfather to Garry, and an adored great-grandfather to Archie and Henry.

David was a devoted parent to his son John and an enthusiastic grandparent to his grandson Garry. It was appropriate for both Archie and Henry to refer to him as their great-grandfather. Bernadette is Moira’s best friend, and Moira, an actress and singer, has a lot of devoted followers in Louise, Lisa, and Bernadette.

Bernadette is Moira’s best friend. At the Borders Crematorium in Melrose on the morning of Monday, December 17, 2018, at eleven in the morning, there will be a memorial service performed in honor of the deceased. The memorial service will be held in remembrance of the person who has passed away.

It would mean a great deal if the departed person’s closest friends and members of their family could all be there to pay their respects. At this time, flowers ought to be restricted to being sent only to the immediate family. You are more than welcome to give to either the Alzheimer’s Scotland Comfort Fund or the St. Andrew’s Nursing Home Comfort Fund if you feel the need to do so and are moved to do so. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Your donation is something that will be very much appreciated.

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