Cathy Rabellizsa Obituary, 2 Killed at Maili Cockfight - Death Cause

Cathy Rabellizsa and Gary Rabellizsa Obituary, Death – The identities of the two people who were killed at a cockfight over the weekend in Maili have finally been disclosed. The deaths occurred during the event. Cathy Rabellizsa, age 59, and Gary Rabellizsa-Manner, age 34, have been identified as the victims, according to information collected by KITV4 in the course of their investigation. According to the sources, Gary was wounded in the chest in addition to the abdomen, and Cathy, who is also known as Cathy Kelly, was shot in the head. Cathy also goes by the name of Cathy Kelly.

Cathy Kelly is another name that can be used for Cathy. During the course of the event, three additional people were injured by gunfire, although their wounds were not believed to be life-threatening. The identities of these people have not been established at this time. The Honolulu Police Department was called to a home on Kaukamana Road in the Maili area shortly after midnight on Saturday. According to the cops who investigated the incident, an unlawful “chicken fight” was taking place in an open space behind the house. This was discovered during their investigation. The statements made by the witnesses indicate that shots were fired, which resulted in the rapid dispersal of the crowd.

The investigators have not offered a description of the individual who they think to be responsible for the shooting; nevertheless, they have revealed that they are searching for a local male in his 20s in connection with this incident. The investigation into this situation is still in its early stages. Anyone who believes they may have information relevant to this inquiry is strongly encouraged to get in touch with the Honolulu Police Department as soon as humanly possible.

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